Shambles nominated for best sound

Shambles, a film by Karl Lemieux, gets 4 nominations at Quebec Film prizes 2017!  Best sound -Best Original Music – Best actor in supporting role – Film with best recognition outside Quebec.  I share this best sound nomination with Stephen de Oliveira, production sound mixer, and Hans Laitres, re-recording mixer!

Olivier Calvert announced to work on Priit and Olga Pärn’s next short

The National Film Board of Canada has announced that its French Animation and Youth Studio and Eesti Joonisfilm will co-produce the latest film by world-renowned Estonian animation filmmakers Priit and Olga Pärn, entitled Pilots on the Way Home. The NFB is once again partnering with some of the best filmmakers on the international scene in its first co-production with Estonia, a country with an exceptional animation tradition.

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Whitewash reviewed on Filmoria

“When the movie started, I immediately thought two things. First, that Thomas Haden Church has the best voice for narration of any actor of his generation. And second, the sound design in this movie is amazing. Blending subtle, naturalistic film making and a stylized sound design which makes every movement heard seem more dramatic, the film immediately creates an almost uncomfortable intimacy between the audience and Bruce, like we’re accomplices of his crimes. But it also helps to break the ice, excuse the pun, and allow us to laugh immediately at the very dark humor being thrown at us.”

Lesley Coffin, Filmoria, April 20, 2013.